Just one Chaelmi in the world

The master of mixmatch styling, Chaelmi's life as fashion creator.

MLB : Please introduce yourself.
Chaelmi : Hello. fashion creator, Chaelmi.

CAP : 32CPCC841 | SHOES : 32SHHX841


MLB : I wanna hear what is fashion creator.
Chaelmi : My role is translate fashion on the catwalk and magazine and make my own styling on my various social media.

And I work as stylist. The last work was Dalshabet Soobin's styling.


MLB : What did you do for being fashion creator?
Chaelmi : In fact, I am not proffessional about fashion because my major was English in uni.

Then, I've studied more about fashion and worked as staff for having experiences in fashion industry.



MLB : Do you want to send messeages for people who wann be chaelmi?
Chaelmi : This job can seem very easy because everyone can uploads photo on social media.

However, if you are succeed as fashion creator, it is quite important to make my own brand.

Nowadays, there are so many creators and we really need differentiated branding being matchless person.



MLB : Where are you inspired from?
Chaelmi : I have inspiration from oversea influencers. In aborad, the creator is quite popular and British fashion blogger Susie Lau is my role mode.

She reviewed after she attended catwalk and this is quite impression for me. And recently, I tried get inspiration as stylist.

For example, when i watch movie, i consider that charcters outfit and the reasons.



MLB : What is MLB for Chaelmi?
Chaelmi : Sports & basic style which can mixmatch easily!

As you can see, They are really good at reflecting the trend like MLB mega logo and slide.




CAP : 32CPCC841 | SHOES : 32SHHX841


MLB : Describe today's MLB style.
Chaelmi : Now turns to Fall. I pick white sweatshirts and fall trend; floral pattern long skirt.

And MLB megalogo ballcap and bigball slide is the point of this styling.



MLB : Any interests nowadays?
Chaelmi : I'm prepared to luanch fashion brand. I think it's quite my challenge becuase me and my friends work out together for it.

Please look forward to see my signature clothing and accessories.



MLB : What will you do in future?

Chaelmi : Think I will succeed in any paths.

I will fashion creator who is admitted from Korea and overseas (laughs)




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