Analysing EXO 'Long padding'

매해 새로운 롱패딩 출시하는 족족 완판을 기록하고 있는 MLB!
2016년 엑소 롱패딩, 2017년 트와이스 롱패딩에 이어
2018년 다시 한번 스타일과 보온성이 업그레이드된

프리미엄 엑소 MLB 롱패딩을 출시했습니다! 
어떠한 이유 때문에 꾸준히 많은 사랑을 받고 있는지 궁금해하시는 분들을 위해
2018 버전 엑소 MLB 롱패딩 탐구 분석 시간을 준비했습니다. :)

OUTER : 31DJ01861

In War of 'Long padding, MLB figured with its colorful products

in various fashion brands.

NY mega logo 'Long padding' (MEGA LOGO) 


To the basic color black from unique color; yellow, blue, purple and red,

These colors show off own character and personality.

OUTER : 31DJ01861

Other details is MEGA NY logo print on the back!

This season's trend logo play and MLB's simple but big logo make 

the key point of your stylish looking ;)


OUTER : 31DJS1861
OUTER : 31DJS1861
OUTER : 31DJS1861



OUTER : 31DJS1861
OUTER : 31DJS1861
OUTER : 31DJS1861
OUTER : 31DJS1861

MLB X EXO suggest 'Mega logo tape long padding' styling

in MLB editorials.

OUTER : 31DJS1861

NY Mega tape 'Long padding' (MEGA TAPE)
Trendy and hard taping details and 3M mega logo printing

make your styling opinion harder and more perfect.


In mega tape long padding, you can meet pop colors like orange and green.

Of course, it has basic colors as black, navy and beige ;)


It consists duck 80/20 and make ample silhouette!

Also, we avoid to animal violence and use RDS down.


Honestly, Mega tape long padding made issue

with MLB global photoshoot before it is called as EXO long padding.





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