Body director, Park seo-yeon

Met Park Seo-yeon, the body director with pure appearance but easy-going.

MLB : Could you intr oduce yourself?
Park Seo-yeon : Hello. I am a body director as model and pilates instructor.


MLB : Could you tell us more details about your job?
Park seo-yeon : Currently, I manage Pilate studio which is called 'Yeon Pilates'. I offer lessons which can make interests with Pilates with familiarity and flexibility.

MLB : You are a major in your culture scene. What did you do for your current position?
Park seo-yeon : Positive mind and honest make where i am.
I've concentrated in my advantages, not the shortages. I've shown not only perfect-attitude but also mistakes and people love 'me' who did mistake sometimes more. (laugh)

MLB : If someone wants to get in your culture scene, please give some tips.
Park seo-yeon : It is important to get my own 'excercising tip and know-how'. One more! Don't be afraid of mistakes. You can get more know-hows with many experiences.

MLB : You are in MLB CREW now. Right?
Park Seo-yeon : YES! In fact, i've looked only gym outfit but now i have interets of fashion with MLB CREW.

I also love to share styling tips with other MLB CREW.


MLB : We want to listen your person thought of MLB
Park seo-yeon : You know, I am body director and prefer fit shillouettes and sporty styling.

There are lots of my taste items like crop-shirts, cut line items in MLB and I love MLB items to wear in daily look.


MLB : Please, describe your daily look with MLB
Park seo-yeon : Of course! Today's styling emphasise my shillouetes with fit dress but make more daily with sneakers.

My boyfriend loves this look as well. And this is my must-have item, MLB CAP because it' so sunny today. (laugh)



MLB : What will you do in future?
Park seo-yeon : I think I am gonna excercise harder than now? I wanna be body director who can be role model from the others.

The reason is that i wanna share excercising tips afterpregnant too. Further more, Wanna share Korea's life style trends in abroad.

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