Kang so yeon who enjoys trying new thing



The story of MLB CREW Kang so yeon who acts as entertainer in variety ways included model, sports and acting.

'I'm gonna try my best to catch all the areas. Do just one thing is not my character.'




MLB : Please, introduce yourself.
Kang so yeon : This is Kang so yeon as Hitfit boxing representative and model. I manage boxing gym, spread boxing culture and do business with healty brand as model.





MLB : Then, What can we do for being like you as major in variety areas?
Kang so yeon : Don't panic and JUST DO ! I literally have experienced in every single area. 

movie, drama, MC, model, musical, acting....I can't count because it's toooo many.

I never be afraid of doing and trying new stuff. Doing just one thing is not the mean to survive in this world.


MLB : Do you have any message to people who dream 2nd Kang so yeon?
Kang so yeon : Firstly, Realise yourself what you do the best and the worst.

And then, you should decide whether you make better what you can do well or make intermediated what you do worse. I've chosen the latter. 

Of course it can be really hard right now. It is hard doing not good to make to do well. but, you would be happy in the future. 

It would be fun to make doing well to doing better, but I think it succeed in just one area. 

As you know, People knew that the person who is the first in just one field, these days they don't.

Also, You can realise what you do really good when you try differend fields. Experience is that important.



MLB : You join MLB CREW from this year. What is MLB to you?
Kang so yeon : I knew MLB CAP is famous. After joing MLB CREW, I realise that MLB has vareity clothing items and they are amazing!

Also, my daily look is quite sporty so MLB is such a nice brand for me. Moreover, MLB clothing is not only for fashion but also athelethic item.
MLB : Any change as MLB CREW?
Kang so yeon : Normally, I enjoy to wear mono tone fashion items but now my style become more colourful.

In fact, styling is not that changed but adding some point-colour items make my styling more active and trendy.

MLB : Describe your styling with MLB
Kang so yeon : I match sports bra and MLB CAP. Oh, also wore this trendy item tape- track pants and looked like trend setter haha.

I usually have meeting after exercising at boxing gym. So, I prefer to wear atheleisure look because it can be fit to both ways. 


MLB : Your dress is so nice.
Kang so yeon : Do I look like tennis player?

This dress is so daily and fit to exercise lightly. Also, the thightness looks healthier. Plus sexy ;)


MLB : Tell us your plan.
Kang so yeon : Gonna try my best to get every single thing. Do just one thing is not my character.

In now, I am trying to make Hit fit boxing gym as culture space..more than exercising gym.

I will continue to plan various events like exhibition, studio, fan meet-up venue and place Hit fit boxing gym as culture space.

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