MLB 'Rock chae-eun'


'MLB's design and styling, it was just me.'
We met MLB crew Rock chae-eun today.



MLB : Let me introduce yourself please.
Rock : This is Rock chae-eun as model in variety areas included fashion and beauty.
MLB : Tell me more about your model activities.
Rock : Um, Currently, I worked as online mall model and brand look-book model.

Not only this, i was wored as entertainment on XTM homme pannel ;)

In Music video wokrs, SANE body language, Simon Dominic One and only and Standing egg piece of star.



MLB : Can you tell me your history for being major?
Rock : Honestly, I've started as 'real' amateur model. Before I get the place on model area, I've participated model contest once-twice per a year.

I've challeged continously and get the price on the contest. This activity proved and showed me 'I am working as model'.

And these expriences are very helpful to go another level 'MAJOR'.



MLB : Do you have any messages for people who dream model as MLB CREW?
Rock : In my case, i am quite short as model. Then, I practiced pose a lot for looking tall and worked out for body line. Becasue, I think model needs to cover up her shortage.

Also, I worked as model after graduating uni and this is quite late in model world. But, i tried my best.

And now, i got my place like others who started from 20.

Then, don't worry about start point, Just do your best on your place.



MLB : You are MLB CREW now.
Rock: In this Feb, I started as MLB CREW with MLB 2018 S/S global lookbook shooting.

This lookbook is quite big scale location shooting in my model life and i really enjoyed to shoot with MLB crews and LA based models.

MLB : Any episodes bts?
Rock : I really surprised that MLB design, styling. everything was just me, Rock.(laugh)

Oversized t-shirt and knee-socks matching, this sporty look is quite my style.

Also, I really enjoyed mixmatch look and love to wear cap!



MLB : Please describe your ootd !
Rock : Recently, I'm so in RED. Then, I wore Red ball-cap today.

And pick the navy colour top for blue-red sneakers. Colour matching is always right.(laugh)


MLB : Do you have your own styling TIP?
Rock : As i told, i am quite small. My styling usually use oversized t-shirt as dress. Oh, also i chose cropped top. The high-waist line makes me taller. 


MLB : Tell me your current interests.

Rock: Recently, I did selling-broadcast on Instagram live. Of course, i can start as online mall.

But, I really love communicate with people and did instagram live. And then, so many people really like it and they send so many supporting messages too! 

In this time, i recognise there are so many people who supports me and desire to do my own business.



MLB : What will you do in future?
My job is model. I may work as model in variety area like this?

Thankfully, many people like my real appearance. So, I will communicate with people as now (laugh)

Furthermore, I really love fashion and starts model job. I will work in fashion area continously.

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