MLB X EXO 18FW KAI High cut
HAT : 32CPH3841-50L | OUTER : 31LET3841 | TOP : 31TST1841-50M | PANTS : 31PTA8841-00L | SHOES : 32SHK1841-50D


A special MLB X EXO 18FW Street pictorial in the center of Asia Culture, Seoul,

The streets of Seoul and MLB's luxury street fashion

And the combination of the world-famous idol group EXO

We are receiving great interest at the same time as the picture disclosure.

Today, MLB X EXO 18FW Exocai super-high-water cut, full-scale bout begins!

CAP : 32CPKP841-50L | OUTER : 31TRCO841 | TOP : 31TSCC841-50D | PANTS : 31TPCO841 | SHOES : 32SHK3841-50W


It is a specimen of wearable and an item with infinite charm.

Track Suit, and MLB CAP is the first styling of a charmingly hip appeal!

Each sense of harmony with a unique matching items, is not it?  


CAP : 32CPCC841-50E | OUTER : 31TRCO841 | PANTS : 31TPCO841 | SHOES : 32SHK3841-50W

With a bold one-point cap, The ability to complete such intense styling -

Of course, the one-point cap is by far the MLB bag Mega logo cap

BEANIE : 32CPB6841-50L | OUTER : 31JPF3861-50P | PANTS : 31TPT1841-50L


Please note! It's a luxurious mood of a street look with exo Kai. :)

New York Yankees Mega Logo and Stripe Wear fake fur coat without an inner,

add beanies, track pants, and bold accessories Outer styling highlighted.

Fake fur coat is trendy, regardless of gender It is an MLB limited item

to complete a luxurious street.

HAT : 32CPH3841-50L | OUTER : 31LET3841 | TOP : 31TST1841-50M | PANTS : 31PTA8841-00L | SHOES : 32SHK1841-50D


MLB New premium items and EXOKAI's unbelievable glaring chemi!

Stud-point leather jackets that are bling-bling are also MLB-limited items -

Exo KAI wears a leather jacket with a Yankee lettering bucket hat and a generous oversized T-shirt We mixed together and emphasized the street mood.

TOP : 31TST1841-50M


Sensational graphics that are well represented in MLB identity

The oversized T-shirt has a simple necklace You can produce a stylish look enough!

CAP : 32CP70841-50U | TOP : 31HDC4841-50O | INNER : 31TSCE841-50U | PANTS : 31PTC3841-50N | SHOES : 32SHK2841-50N

Vivid Blue Mega Logo From MLB CAP Hoodie with color logo and tape detail,

The jogger pants with the colored block stand out and

the shoes of the kitsch design Street fashion finished with items

full of personality! It is a good example of bold color play.


CAP : 32CPCC841-50E | OUTER : 31JPSL841-50I

Old school mood windbreaker and MLB buckle Mega logo cap

five times larger than existing logo. Kai showed the combination

that is the most trendy styling at present.

In addition, we have also proposed a fashionable color long padding look

that will surpass the black long padding fever.



 MLB X EXO fashion editorial is going to release member by member.
If you are waiting for seeing MLB X EXO 18FW fashion editorials and film, 
you can meet them official MLB KOREA account @mlbkorea in Instagram.
High cuts are going to release on MLB official blog and MLB CREW SITE.

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